For just £9.99 per month you can have unlimited access to our technical support staff. We will assist and repair remotely any computer related issue you may have. Peace of mind could not be cheaper.
Absolute security is assured as is the safety of your data and files

Computer Health Check


A member of the Tec Tamers team is available to you for unlimited calls during our normal office hours, we can talk you through loading a remote software program on to your computer (three buttons and it’s done). This procedure only need be completed once. The program is completely safe and secure and no one can access it without your permission. Each time the program is started it generates a unique password that only you, the customer, can see. Without that password Tec Tamers cannot access your computer. With your permission and with the password we will access your computer and proceed with any computer related issue you may have. At no point are any of your personal files looked at or accessed unless you request us to do so. You will be able to see what we are performing the whole time, if you choose to. When we have resolved your issue we will log off your computer leaving it totally secure. We will not be able to log back on without your permission and the unique password generated by the program. We will then speak with you regarding the results of your issue.

Just some of the included benefits:

Hardware faults are not covered, but diagnosis of these are. In the rare cases where hardware is at fault we will quote and explain your options thoroughly. Compare our services side-by-side here.



*please note:
to enrole your computer in the unlimited plan they must be enrolled from new or be less than 3 years old at the time of enrolment.
reasonable usage policy applies.

Do you support and repair computers for home users?

Yes. Home users have the same level of support as business users. We know how important it is to have your computer running the way it should. No repair is too small or too big and we are always happy to give you free advice. Just pick up the phone and call us for free 0800 880 6609. All calls are answered by a real person - with no jargon!

Do you support and repair computers for business users?

Yes. You don’t want to continually be worrying and wasting time trying to ensure your computer, computer systems or networks are running the way they should. Tec Tamers is your own computer department that you can call upon whenever a problem arises and at a fraction of the cost.