You wouldn't neglect your car, don't neglect your computer. If your computer is not serviced you will find that it runs slowly, is susceptible to viruses and spyware and not particularly good for your stress levels. Just listen to what our customers say - "It's like having a new computer!". One of our technical team will remotely access your computer and perform a full service for a fixed price of £75 regardless of the length of time it takes. We have no doubt you will notice the difference.
This process will take between 2 hours and 4 hours. In most cases we are able to carry out this service today, or within 1 working day.
Absolute security is assured as is the safety of your data and files.

Before any chargeable work is carried out we will conduct a completely free no-obligation health check on your computer and report our findings, along with what the service will achieve in your individual case.

Computer Health Check


A member of the Tec Tamers team will call to talk you through loading a remote software program on to your computer (three buttons and it’s done). The program is completely safe and secure and no one can access it without your permission. Each time the program is started it generates a unique password that only you, the customer, can see. Without that password Tec Tamers cannot access your computer. With your permission and with the password we will access your computer and proceed with the Service. This will involve accessing the running files of your computer, performing numerous checks and resolving issues and faults. Refer to our price list for the extensive list of operations we perform on your computer. At no point are any of your personal files looked at or accessed unless you request us to do so. You will be able to see what we are performing the whole time, if you choose to. On average a Service will take between 90 minutes and 180 minutes but may be longer or shorter depending on the issues we find. When we have completed the Service we will log off of your computer leaving it totally secure. We will not be able to log back on without your permission and the unique password generated by the program. We will then speak with you regarding the results of the Service. This service is included in our great value Annual Unlimited Support Plan.




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How will Tec Tamers fix my computer without visiting my home?

Most issues these days are fixed using remote support. It’s a very handy way of fixing problems quickly and efficiently. Remote support is when a support technician, with your full permission, securely takes control of your computer by logging into it via your broadband connection whilst you watch. It is totally safe, secured by military-grade encryption, and you are in full control of the process. You can watch exactly what we are the doing the whole time.

Can you access my computer when I am away?

No. Your computer is totally protected by a unique user name and password that changes after each session. There is no way that we can access your computer without your permission and the unique password that only you can see. It is considerably safer than having a stranger visit your house or business to repair your computer, or taking your computer away to be repaired, or leaving your computer in a store staffed by part-time staff. You are safe in our hands and remain in complete control.