Laptop, Tablet or PC?

Desktop, Laptop or Tablet: Which Should You Buy?

We rarely need much of an excuse to treat ourselves to something new and, whether you're treating yourself or somebody else, it always pays to consider your options. When it comes to a new PC the choice is no longer as simple as choosing an appropriate desktop type PC, with contemporary computing now offering a variety of other, more portable options such as laptops and tablets. Our changing usage patterns make the choice a little more interesting as the trend moves towards a desire for more portable solutions.

So what type of PC should you buy this year? Here are a few things about each for you to consider:


Desktop PC


  • Often more powerful than its portable counterparts for less
  • Cheap, barebones systems are incredibly affordable
  • Easier to replace parts for both upgrades and repair
  • Desktop PC parts tend to be cheaper than those designed for laptops


  • Well by definition desktop PCs are not very portable
  • Can be rather noisy
  • Desktop PCs and their peripherals can take up a lot of space



Laptop Computer


  • Very portable - laptops can perform nearly all the functions of a desktop PC on the go
  • Great for taking work to and from the office/university/etc.
  • Excellent for portable entertainment, especially as most have CD/DVD drives (indeed, some of the more upmarket models have Blu-ray)


  • The sound quality provided by integrated speakers rarely comes to close to that of purpose-made peripherals
  • While perhaps not so easily lost as a tablet, laptops are a frequently a target for thieves
  • Can be prone to overheating if not given sufficient ventilation space



Tablet PC or iPad
the trend continues to move towards a desire for more portable gadgets


  • Highly portable, tablets or iPads take up less space, and are often significantly lighter than laptops
  • Tablets' touchscreen interfaces make them incredibly easy to use, even for those who might not been particularly good with technology (e.g. children and the elderly)
  • Incredibly well optimised, often making them generally more reliable than other types of PC


  • On screen keyboards can be difficult to type on for extended periods of time
  • Quite easily lost or stolen due to their compact size and, in the wrong hands, easily dropped and screens may crack or break.
  • Software and internet browser limitations, e.g. lack of Flash support on the iPad.

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