Windows 8 on PCs

What does Tec Tamers think of Microsoft® Windows 8™?

With Windows 7 Microsoft® developed a fast and efficient operating system. Windows 8 continues to build on that. Tec Tamers found Windows 8 faster on startup time, shut down time, multimedia performance, web browser performance e.g. Internet Explorer, transferring large files and performance using Office applications, but slower in 3D graphic and high resolution gaming performance. Improved battery life is noticeable. Windows 8 is significantly more secure than Windows 7 and is designed to take advantage of touch screens.

Tec Tamers advice – if you are running Windows 7, then there is no urgency to upgrade your computer to run Windows 8 instead of Windows 7, but the earlier you jump in and get ready the quicker you will be able to take advantage of all the Windows 8 exclusive software that will no doubt soon start to appear.

However if your version of Windows is earlier than 7 e.g. Windows XP, Then we would recommend an upgrade to Windows 8 even on older hardware, just take the online compatibility test from Microsoft before you buy.

In general reviewers have been a little harsh on Windows 8. We too have a few concerns regarding some of the changes. Many people like doing things exactly as they always have done and it will take a little time to adapt, but progress always comes at a price and in this case it means learning some new ways of working. Windows 8 is designed to transition us to a more mobile and touch based future with added security a key design goal in this version of Windows, Windows. Windows 8 is the by far the most secure and safest version Microsoft has ever shipped.

Take the time to learn the new touch and app features at your own pace. As usual the development community help to shorten the learning curve and have produced software that accurately replicates the old Start menu system for you to use such as Pokki, RetroUI, or ClassicShell.

Windows 8 Desktop
Even though Windows 8 is clearly designed with touch in mind, the good news is that you can you learn the new features at your own pace, by using the familiar desktop style of previous Windows versions by clicking on the 'Desktop' tile on the Windows 8 Start screen.

So don’t avoid the new windows tiled start screen forever, take time to learn the new features at your own pace and stay in the familiar world of the old desktop for now, but take the opportunity to learn something new, because as Microsoft show you in all the new TV ads, even a 3-year-old can use Windows 8!

The new Windows 8 apps have a fantastic potential and Windows 8 already has lots of compelling full-screen apps. with new apps being added all the time in the store.

Try it you’ll soon have the hang of it in no time.

If the thought of upgrading Windows yourself still frightens you then contact us and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

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